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Ambassador Kaale and the team joined one of the many groups of volunteers around Jakarta on World Cleanup Day.  - Photo:Royal Norwegian Embassy Jakarta
Ambassador Kaale and the team joined one of the many groups of volunteers around Jakarta on World Cleanup Day. Royal Norwegian Embassy Jakarta

Embassy participates in Clean Up Jakarta Day

As part of the Clean Up Jakarta Day on 15 September 2018, diplomats and staff from The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta took part in a community cleanup in South Jakarta, together with the Embassies of Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The Embassy is also a front-runner in Jakarta when it comes to recycling the waste from its daily operation.

Ambassador Vegard Kaale and colleagues from the Nordic Embassies spent the morning clearing litter and leftovers from the streets and public areas.
In a comment to Jakarta Post, Ambassador Vegard Kaale states that “It is important to work systemically on recycling to process the waste, especially plastic and glass, as well as using waste for energy production”.

Global initiative

Clean Up Jakarta Day was organized as part of World Cleanup Day, which had activities in 156 countries around the world. According to the global organizers, the Let’s Do It Foundation, over 13 million volunteers participated in the global cleanup this year.

Every day is a cleanup day at the Embassy

Last year, the Norwegian Embassy started systematically limiting the plastic waste produced by its daily operations and events. This year, the Embassy has taken it further by teaming up with Waste 4 Change in Jakarta to ensure that all the waste produced in the Embassy is safely collected, managed and recycled.

Four waste streams at the EmbassyThe waste at the Embassy is sorted in four categories before being collected by Waste 4 Change.

The waste is separated in the Embassy and collected by Waste 4 Change. Every month, the waste collection company reports on the amount of each category of waste and suggests how the Embassy can get better at reducing the amount of waste produced.

Waste to energy and initiatives for a cleaner ocean

The Embassy sees these efforts as a natural continuation of Norway’s cooperation with Indonesia on waste management. As important coastal nations, Indonesia and Norway are working together on initiatives to reduce the amounts of waste reaching the ocean. Norway is also supporting Indonesian initiatives to develop the country’s waste management, for example through waste to energy solutions.

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