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Nordic Roadshow 2018 in Surabaya
Nordic Roadshow 2018 in Surabaya

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden on the first joint Nordic Roadshow in Indonesia

The Nordic embassies in Indonesia - Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden - are organizing the first joint Nordic Roadshow in Indonesia, with stops in Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta. The roadshow started in Surabaya on Saturday 21 April and is ending in Jakarta on Thursday 26 April.

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Nordic capitals Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm are among the most liveable cities in the world and are characterized by their high quality of life combined with innovation and environmental sustainability.

During the Nordic Roadshow, the Nordic Embassies will engage with local governments, universities and businesses and will discuss common challenges within the development of cities from a holistic urban living perspective.

The aim of the roadshow is to introduce Nordic solutions to achieve more liveable cities, within the energy sector, urban planning and mobility as well as in education, and to further enhance co-operation between Nordic and local businesses, governments and universities. Local partners together with experts from the Nordic countries along with a visiting Nordic business delegation, will share experiences and discuss solutions throughout the day in each city.

"We want to share innovative Nordic solutions to encourage sustainable, cost-efficient mobility that can support concrete improvements in the lives of people cities around Indonesia", Ambassador of Sweden, Ms Johanna Bismar Skoogsays.

According to Ambassador of Denmark, Mr Rasmus Abildgaard KristensenNordic cities have a strong focus on sustainability issues, including environment, climate and clean energy. "The Nordic countries are ready to support Indonesia on sustainable urbanisation through the transfer of solutions, knowledge and experiences", he comments.

"In the modern world well-educated and skillful people are basis to the country's success. We believe education is also the key to opening doors and overcome intolerance", Ambassador of Finland, Ms Päivi Hiltunen-Toiviocomments. "Leave no child behind" is a basic principle in Nordic schools. "We strongly believe that when we invest in education, we invest in the future", she continues.

According to the Ambassador of Norway, Mr Vegard Kaale,"the pace of urbanization highlights the need for solutions for the sustainable urban environment. The Nordic Roadshow presents many of these solutions, and I look forward to discussing them in this forum!"