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May 2017

Economic Times interview with Ambassador Kamsvåg (Embassy story 02.05.17)

GST speeds up economic reforms; Norwegian sovereign wealth fund to increase exposure in India
GST is a good example of India speeding up its economic reform process and Norway's sovereign wealth fund, the world's biggest such fund, is willing to increase exposure in India, according to Norwegian Ambassador to India Nils Ragnar Kamsvag.

Ambassador Kamsvåg's visit to Jammu and Kashmir (Embassy story 16.05.17)

Norway’s envoy calls on Omar Abdullah, discusses Kashmir issue
Nils Ragnar Kamsvag met the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister at the latter's Gupkar residence.

Norwegian envoy calls on Vohra 
The Governor, the spokesman said, invited the envoy to pay a longer visit to the state and view the fruitful possibilities which exist for Norwegian investors to launch mutually beneficial projects in Jammu and Kashmir.


"Who rules the world?" Nordic PMs poke fun at Trump's Saudi photo op
World leaders don't generally troll each other, but the prime ministers of the five Nordic countries are giving it a shot. They just posted a photograph of themselves clasping a soccer ball - a droll take on a photo of U.S. President Donald Trump, Saudi King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi holding a glowing orb that went viral last week.

Climate-smart agriculture to ensure a food secure future
Norway's Minister of Agriculture and Food, Jon Georg Dale, visited India and the project areas in February 2017. He says he is impressed by the complexity and scale of the ClimaAdapt project, in which thousands of farmers, several NGO's, scientists and government officials have worked towards a common goal of securing food production for the future.

Bengaluru gets waste water plant that generates power
The plant is equipped with the best machinery from across the world: Austrian gas engines, blowers from Hong Kong, pumps from Norway, diffusers from the US and submersible mixers from Sweden.

Women in boardrooms: Presence growing even as numbers remain small
Contrary to popular perception, 60% of women directors on the board of Indian companies are truly independent and do not belong to the promoters’ families. Female representation: India with 13% is behind countries such as Norway (39%), France (34%), the UK (23%) and the USA (21%).

Research and technology

How seed vault in deep Arctic had a run-in with climate change
Locked in airtight boxes at minus 18 degrees Celsius lie millions of seeds of crop varieties — from Indian rice to Uzbek corn.

Electric cars: How India and the world is looking to drive green While Asian countries are largely in expansion mode when it comes to electric/clean energy cars, Norway has already taken a huge lead in this sector. After all, planning for clean fuel technology here began in the 1990s. Norway has the highest per capita number of completely electric cars in the world - more than 100,000 for a country with a population of 5.2 million. In fact, the country now plans to completely phase out cars powered by fossil fuels by 2025.

Norway to build first self-sailing electric cargo ship (Embassy story 01.06.17)
Norway plans to launch the first autonomous and fully electric cargo ship next year that the project's backers said today will save 40,000 truck journeys per year.


Norwegian Air spreading its wings in Asia
Low-cost Scandinavian carrier Norwegian is on an aggressive Asia expansion spree. The airline announced in April that it would launch a non-stop service between Singapore and London with fares starting from S$199 later in the year.

Norway races Australia to fulfil Japan's hydrogen society dream
Norway and Australia are racing each other to show they can supply Japan with hydrogen, hoping to fulfil its ambition to become the first nation significantly fuelled by the super-clean energy source.

Norway billionaire to "give back" most of his wealth
Norwegian investor Kjell Inge Roekke plans to make large donations from his estimated $2 billion wealth, starting with the construction and operation of a ship for research on ocean conditions and clean-up, he told daily Aftenposten on Tuesday.

Travel and tourism

How to spend your summer in Scandinavia
Nordic cool takes on another meaning in the magic of the midnight sun.


Artist paints serenity of nature in new collection
Sathes colourful paintings, all acrylic on canvas, have been inspired by her visits to Northern Europe, particularly Norway and the English suburbs.

Sanjay Dutt to attend Bollywood fest in Norway
Actor Sanjay Dutt will be the chief guest at the forthcoming 15th Bollywood Festival Norway.

Coverage of Bjorn Torske’s India tour: (Embassy story 10.04.17)

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- Bjorn Torske mix on Wild City
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