Ambassador and DG Norad visits NIPI in Udaipur - Photo:Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi
Ambassador and DG Norad visits NIPI in Udaipur Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi

DG Norad in Udaipur for Norway India Partnership Initiative field-visit

Director General of NORAD Bård Vegar Solhjell and Ambassador Hans Jacob Frydenlund conducted together with Dr Sumita Ghosh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and NIPI, a community field visit to the public health centers of NIPI in Udaipur.

As the Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI) has entered its third and increasingly ambitious phase, the Ambassador and Mr Solhjell got to witness the latest innovate pathways of the initiative.

The DG met with Sub Health Centre in Choti Undri to understand how community health officers (CHO) use the Decision Support Systems (DSS) in the field.

The DSS helps CHOs to assess the severity of illness, identify appropriate management procedures, and identify child malnutrition, even at early stages.

The visit to Udaipur included a meet-up with the Yashodas at the RNT Medical College. The Yashodas, also nicknamed birth companions, work tirelessly to train new mothers to care, breastfeed and maintain hygiene for newborn, as well as accompany mothers during delivery.

The Ambassador moreover sat with Dr Sumita Ghosh, special advisor of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to read a baby’s Mamta card.

A Mamta card is a tool for pregnant women, young mothers, and family members to learn how to ensure good health practices.

Initiated in 2006, the NIPI project has helped to reduce the maternal mortality ratio from 280 to 103, as well as capping the infant mortality rate from 57 to 28 in the five project states.

You can read more about the NIPI project on our LinkedIn page.

The Embassy thanks Union and State Ministry, MoHFW as well as the NIPI team for showcasing their crucial work. The DG Norad was most impressed with NIPI achievements.