A memorable visit to an industrial site that utilizes recycled material from construction waste

Counsellors Marit Strand and Beate Langset were in Mumbai, Maharashtra on a field visit recently, witnessing impressive results of use of recycled construction and demolition (C&D) waste. The recycled concrete in the pilot project has been used in the construction of a factory that produces precast concrete for an affordable housing project. Recycled aggregate concrete is a part of the green shift, it reduces the use of virgin materials and has a positive effect on the climate. The field visit involved information sharing of the important work with recycled aggregate, discussions regarding the way forward, and a visit to the newly constructed precast concrete factory.

The Norwegian research institution SINTEF has been a technology provider for a full scale pilot together with L&T Construction and Resilient Energy. The project replaces crushed stone sand fractions from natural sources, with recycled concrete aggregates from C&D waste. C&D waste is one of the biggest solid waste streams globally, and reuse and recycling of these materials can save natural resources, minimize the waste sent to landfills and re-absorb CO2 from the air through increased carbonation.

The recycled products have the same quality as those made of virgin materials, and the price of the recycled material is also competitive. The use of recycled C&D waste in precast concrete also have a positive effect on climate change as it increases the binding of CO2.

The Embassy supports SINTEF on a project titled , “Treatment and utilization of construction and demolition waste in India” from 2018. SINTEF has been building capacity of government officials and the industry on utilization of construction waste, as well as participating in pilots with the industry. Thanks to the Government of India, in particular the Central Public Works Department and the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India, for the mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are happy to support this important initiative and see it practiced in Mumbai.

Thanks to SINTEF and other partners for their important work.