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Today marks the World Theatre Day, a day to celebrate and encourage the wonderful medium that is theatre.

Norway have a rich and famous theatre tradition and a vibrant and innovative contemporary scene. One of the world’s most famous playwright, Henrik Ibsen, continues to be relevant, also in India.

Henrik Ibsen's plays remain influential in today's time. He broke away from the strict morals of 19th century Europe, voiced his understanding of women and their struggle through his characters, and influenced feminist movements that made him one of the finest modern playwrights in the European literary tradition. Ibsen’s critically acclaimed play, 'A Doll House' became 'Gurrya Ka Ghar' under the Dellhi Ibsen Festival in 2012.

Norwegian theatre has become highly international. Seeing a new play most often means seeing a recent foreign play in translation, and theatres are quick to pick up on new trends and authors abroad, particularly in the English-speaking world. Foreign directors working in Norway have also provided new impulses; they include Silviu Purcărete (Romania), Gábor Zsámbéki (Hungary), Krystyna Skuszanka (Poland), Sam Besekow (Denmark), John Barton (England), Jan Hâkanson (Sweden) and Jacques Lasalle (France).

Of contemporary playwrights, Klaus Hagerup, Terje Nordby, Julian Garner, Cecilie Løveid and others have written consistently interesting plays. Johan Harstad, the first in-house play wright of the National Theater visited India in 2016. With the emergence of Jon Fosse as a playwright in 1994 (by which time he had many successful novels and volumes of poetry behind him), Norwegian theatre seems to have found a new voice of international size.

 The Ibsen Theatre Festival in Mumbai is an important part of sharing our theatrical heritage with India. Ila Arun is undoubtedly one of the most prominent “ambassadors” for Ibsen in India. Without her personal engagement and the enormous efforts by the nearly forty actors, musicians and backstage crew, there would have been no Ibsen Theatre Festival.

This year, the main event of World Theatre Day will be celebrated at the UNESCO hall in Paris on 27 March.
For this event, the French theatre and movie actress Isabelle Huppert will be the message author and will read her message today.

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 The Ibsen Scholarships were initiated by the Norwegian government and will be handed out for the 9th time in 2017.The application deadline for this year is April 30th, 2017.

More information about the Ibsen Sholarships here: