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World Oceans Day

What does single-use plastic bags, bottles, and straws have in common? All of this waste is too often found at beaches, on the bottom of the sea, and inside whales and fish. Today, the World Oceans Day is celebrated around the world for one purpose: To improve our oceans’ health!

There has been a lot of focus on plastic pollution lately. This Tuesday, the World Environmental Day was celebrated, focusing on how we can beat plastic pollution. Soon, there might be more plastic than fish in our oceans, making awareness around our pollution challenges more important than ever.

The World Oceans Day aims specifically at marine litter, and how we can combat it. It is a day to honor, protect and conserve the world’s oceans by finding solutions to our pollution problem. It is a day to take personal and community action to make the ocean cleaner. To secure healthy and productive oceans, we need everyone to contribute! What will you do to keep our planet blue?

Read more about the event at World Oceans Day's website.