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Visit to VFS

Last week, the visa section at the Embassy visited the VFS visa application centre in Delhi to get a glimpse of the good work being done.

It is exciting times in the visa section at the embassy. As we wrote a few weeks ago, Indian visa numbers to Norway are at an all-time high. In fact, since 2016 there has been an increase of a whopping 66.4% in Indian tourists travelling to Norway.

With more and more Indians applying for visas, it is essential that the visa application process be as efficient as possible. On that occasion, representatives from the visa section at the Embassy visited VFS to see the work being done at the visa centre, as well as discussing ways to streamline the process in a way to make it even easier and faster for tourists to get their visas to Norway.

The visit started with a guided tour of the application centre where all aspects of the application process were covered in detail. The Embassy representatives were impressed by the well-organised compound, and the intuitive and effective way of organising the queues stood out as a good example of efficiency. Concluding the visit was a meeting where the Embassy and VFS agreed on even greater and more streamlined cooperation in the future.

The Embassy would like to thank the staff at VFS for their good work!