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Unity through difference: Celebrating Norway’s diversity

This weekend, Oslo will again turn into Little Punjab. It’s time for this year’s Norwegian Turban Day!

Tomorrow, Spikersuppa in the center of Oslo will again be filled with colors, people and skilled turban-wrappers. Music, dance, Punjabi food and people from all over the world will be gathered to celebrate Norway’s diversity. The day aims to demystify the turban and the prejudices that Sikhs and other minorities face for being different. In other words – the Turban Day wants Norway to become the world’s best place to be different in!

The Turban Day will be celebrated on Saturday 14th April, which is also Vaisakhi – a historical and religious Sikh festival. Vaisakhi marks the foundation of the Sikh community as well as the spring harvest in Punjab, and is one of the most important Sikh holidays.

What started as a small idea, has the last years become a popular annual event in the Norwegian capital. In 2017, around 20 000 Norwegians showed up to get their own turbans wrapped on their heads by turban experts, and to learn more about the Sikh’s culture and religion. While the Turban Day is arranged for the ninth time, the Oslo Turban has its one-year anniversary this year. A designer competition for creating Oslo’s official turban was held in 2017, and the winner was Oslo Paisley, designed by Holzweiler.

Last year, Ambassador Kamsvåg and his wife were gifted the Oslo turban, and it suited them well! The Ambassador was also lucky to wear a turban during his visit to Punjab last month. Read more about the Ambassador’s field visit to Punjab, and find the pictures of him wearing the Oslo Turban here!

If you happen to be in Oslo this weekend, make sure you get a turban wrapped on your head!