Tourist, family or business group? Apply together!

The Embassy recently reminded you to apply for your visas to Norway in time. Now we wish to make the application process even smoother and faster for those of you who travel with two or more people: Apply for your visas together!

The high season for visa applications is here, and applying together will save time for both you, VFS and the decision makers. You can register as a group if you are travelling as tourists, with family or with business partners. Register your applications as a group in the Application Portal Norway. Read more about how to apply as a group on the Embassy homepage.


Who can register a group?

The group members must:

  • Share the same itinerary
  • Submit their applications at the same VFS center


How to register as a group?

You can register applications for two to 16 people at a time on the Application Portal Norway. Choose the alternative “Visa group”.

If your group contains more than 16 persons, please give each group registration a separate name, or mark it with “NAME no 1”,  “NAME no 2”.

Remember to bring all documents mentioned in the checklists for all applicants in the group. Checklists can be found at the Embassy home page, please see the section 2 “Gather the necessary information” and choose the correct purpose of travel. You will save time by paying the visa fee for the whole group at once. 

According to VIS/Schengen requirements, all first time travelers to Schengen (after November 2nd 2015) have to meet personally to provide fingerprints and photo. (More information on VIS/biometric requirements) Therefore, please make sure that the whole group can go to the same VFS center in order to submit their documents and provide their fingerprints the same day. If different locations, register the groups according to where they will submit the applications.


Group appointments at VFS saves you time!

If applying as a group, you can contact VFS Global directly to book a group appointment instead of having to book individual appointments:


info.norwayin@vfshelpline.com (India and Bhutan)

info.nwnp@vfshelpline.com (Nepal)



+91 22 67866021 (India)

+975 2 33 8383 (Bhutan)

+97 79 824903641 (Nepal)

It will also be possible to book a group appointment for collection of the passports via the email above. 


Apply well in advance

For larger groups, we encourage you to apply three months before planned departure, and minimum four weeks prior to the travel.

The Embassy wishes you a pleasant trip to Norway!