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Time to get lost

Norwegians are not like other people. While people around the world want to spend their time off work with their closest family and friends, many Norwegians have a different wish: Escaping to the woods.

Although Norway is a small country with less noise, traffic and people than India, the everyday life can feel exhausting at times. The Norwegian woods can therefore act as a safe haven whenever you need a break from the stressing urban life. In fact, many Norwegians grab the opportunity as fast as they get it and go on long hiking trips in the many forests of Norway.

43 percent of the Norwegian land area is covered by forest. This means that there are plenty of places to go if you are looking for a peaceful, quiet weekend!

Here are some suggestions:


The Krokskogen forest offers pristine nature only a couple of hours away from Oslo. The area can easily be visited for a weekend.



The Nesvatn area, which is part of Norway’s southern forests in Telemark, is a popular hiking route. There are many cabins on the way where you can spend the night, and there are many lakes in the area. Canoes are available free of charge!



Dividalen is located in Troms county, above the Arctic Circle and close to the Swedish border. The Øvre Dividal National Park offers a varied wildlife, including wolfs, lynx, bears and wolverine.

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