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Tied together through turbans

On Saturday, the Norwegian Turban Day was held in Oslo for the eight time. With good help from experts, both young and old got the colorful piece of cloth perfectly wrapped around the head. Indian food was also served, and the audience could learn more about the Sikh’s culture and religion.

The Sikhs arrange the Turban Day in order to demystify the turban, spread knowledge and counter prejudice towards minorities. Around 20,000 people participated, and some waited in line for two hours to get their turban put on by a professional.

“We do this to defuse our identity. Many connect turban and long beard with a polarized debate. We want to stand for solidarity, equality and democracy”, said the organizer of the event, Sumeet Singh Patpatia.

Prior to this year’s event, a designer competition was held in order to create what will be the capital’s first official turban. The Oslo citizens had the opportunity to vote for their favorite between three proposals, and the winner was Oslo Paisley designed by Holzweiler.


Oslo Paisley designed by Holzweiler. Photo:

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