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The yearly meeting of minds

Mr. Wegger Strømmen, Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, arrived on Tuesday morning to take part in annual bilateral Foreign Office Consultations (FOC) with his counterpart from the Indian MEA, Secretary (West) Ms. Ruchi Ghanashyam.

The Indo-Norwegian FOCs are held regularly and give the opportunity to further deepen bilateral ties and also to exchange views on political developments globally and in their respective regions. The two Secretaries discussed economic ties, joint efforts in research and in the health sector as well as cultural cooperation. Cooperation in UN for a was also a topic, including on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Strømmen was pleased with the discussions and expressed gratitude to his Indian hosts, and underlined that he looks forward to the next round of FCO.

Norway and India have had a long relationship of cooperation, and Norway was one of the first countries to recognize India’s independence in 1947. Norway’s first international development cooperation was a fisheries project in Kerala in 1952, and the Norwegian Embassy in India was established the same year.

Today there are more than hundred Norwegian companies that work in India, generating at least 15 000 jobs. The most central areas of cooperation between the countries are within trade and investments, as well as an increased cooperation in the sector of energy, environment and climate change.