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The wait is up – Triwizard chess is here!

Have you ever wondered how it would be if Viswanathan Anand, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana stood face to face in the one and same match? Triwizard chess might solve that!

An alumnus at IIT Roorkee has developed what is being called ‘Triwizard chess', according to recent media reports. The new game is an extension of the traditional chess we all know and love, but with an extra set of grey pieces. This creates the opportunity for three players to face each other in the same match, without altering the original rules.

According to the developer, Triwizard chess will not only be a game, but an art where your concentration and focus levels will be put to the test. Not only do you have to keep a sharp focus on defending on one front, but you will also have to be aggressive and attack on another. This will surely make for some interesting games.

With room for one more player, we can only imagine the intense showdowns in the future. A battle between the three greatest chess players in the world will surely be a sight to behold. Maybe supporters from India, Norway and the US will be benched in front of the TV for the first world championship in “Triwizard chess” in a few years’ time  

We applaud this initiative and hope to see it materialise soon!

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