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The Nation and The Woman; The world’s best winter athletes

For Norway, this year’s Olympics have exceeded all expectations. With 39 medals – 14 of them in gold, Norway is now the most-winning nation in a single Winter Olympics, and has beaten USA’s record of 37 medals. The many medals created a surprising “problem”: Norway planned to grant a pair of golden shoes to the gold winners. This time, they ran out of stock!

This year’s biggest conversation topic, Marit Bjørgen, became historic last week for breaking the winter games’ medal record. In the final event, Bjørgen claimed her second gold medal, raising her total record of Olympic medals to 15. This year's games in South Korea was her fifth Olympic Games, and according to Bjørgen herself, the last.

Despite the country’s medal spree, Norwegians insist on being humble.

"We are still part of the real world - we are not like a fairytale," Norway’s chef de mission, Tore Øvrebø, said, emphasizing the hard work that lies behind the many medals. "We are not super-human", Øvrebø continued, adding that in the summer games, Norway’s performance is catastrophic.

That aside, Norway is definitely the king of the winter games. Let’s hope Norway’s summer athletes will impress in the next Olympic Games in 2020.