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Sørlandet - The Norwegian Riviera

The southernmost part of Norway has been the number one summer holiday destination for Norwegians for decades, while remaining a hidden gem for many international visitors.

The south of Norway is known for the coastline with boating and bathing opportunities, and the smooth rock slopes typical of the Southern Norwegian archipelago are perfect for sunbathing. The small towns with the white painted wooden houses located near the coastline are characteristic for the area. These are former timber ports that grew when shipbuilding became an industry. With their narrow streets, the low-rise houses centred around market squares and harbours, these towns are very popular with visitors during the summer months.

Fishing possibilities are good along the entire coast. Norway’s southern resorts and the Skagerrak Strait are blessed with a mild climate and plenty of sunshine. The coastline consists of numerous islands and fjords, not to mention numerous fish. The entire range of common saltwater species are represented here, and with a little bit of luck you can get a real heavyweight on the hook.

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