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Sharing is caring: An Indo-Norwegian energy collaboration

With clean and decarbonized economy emerging as a sustainable focus area across India and a strong business expertise for Norway, Innovation Norway along with Tata Power Trading recently organized India Norway Clean Energy Week to showcase Norwegian clean energy dominance and provide a platform for Indian, Bhutanese and Norwegian companies to collaborate in future through technology tie ups, knowledge sharing, business collaborations etc.

With India poised to be world’s 3rd largest Renewable consumer by 2030, it is fast emerging as most attractive destination for doing business in clean energy. Norway with 99% of its electricity being generated through renewables and having developed a strong competency in smart grids , Hydro, offfshore wind , decentralized solar and electric Mobility has a lot to offer to world’s fastest growing economy estimated at 7.3%.

The 3rd Edition of India Norway Clean Energy week strong participation from Indian and Bhutanese electricity majors such as Tata Power, reliance energy, RPG group, Rural Electrification corporation, NHPC Ltd., Sikkim State electricity Department, Punjab state Regulatory Commission and Druk Green – Bhutan.


The delegation went through series of Interaction with all major Norwegian energy stakeholders such as NVE (Regulator), Statnett (TSO), Haffslund DSO, Statkraft, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. The interactions led both sides of table to share their experience, respective current challenges and deliberated on areas of mutual cooperation specially at a time when India is standing at footsteps of wire supply segregation. Riding on Norwegian Expertise, this was a unique opportunity for Indian delegates to learn how India can leverage on its vast hydro reserves in its transformation towards green economy.

The Importance of India in global energy ecosystem can be estimated by the fact that the Indian and Bhutanese delegation had a rare privilege to meet and present the Indian Electricity Ecosystem to the Standing Committee on Energy and Environment of Norwegian Parliament under the able chair of Mr Ketil Kjenseth. The interactive session focused around the policy and regulatory aspects in both countries. The Indian Delegation was highly impressed with the clarity and roadmap Norwegian government has w.r.t their energy ecosystem. The Indian Delegation also invited the Energy committee for a visit to India for a closer collaboration between India and Norway.


The Trondheim and New Delhi office of Innovation Norway also organized a B2B interactive session for Indian and Norwegian companies in the beautiful NTNU campus providing them with a platform to interact, explore and collaborate on future plans of various companies. The Indian companies presented their projects along with challenging areas wherein they look upon Norwegian expertise. Norwegian Companies such as Kongsberg Digital, Fedem SAP, Sedicom, Heimdall Power, Dynavec, Powell, FDB etc. presented their unique solution to companies for India and Bhutan and deliberated on business collaboration over a networking dinner. Innovation Norway is following up with relevant stakeholders on possible business leads for further facilitation for business.

With the Indian Government focusing a lot on innovation , new technologies and start-ups, Indian delegates also visited NTNU for an interactive walk through to HydroCen, SINTEF and NTNU facilities and discussed on possible areas of R&D collaboration between the participating members of India and Norway. 

Innovation was also the flavor of talk on the last day of visit when Indian delegates visited Statkraft’s district heating facility in Trondheim and discussed how similar solutions can be implemented in India for meeting the cooling demand of the world’s 4th largest energy consumer in a centralized manner.

The workshop was organized by Innovation Norway, the commercial arm of the Royal Norwegian Embassy.