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Share your Nordic ideas with the world

How can we increase the relevance of the Nordic countries in India? If you have any ideas, start writing them down now – the deadline for applying for Nordic Council funding is 30th April!

The Nordic Council of Ministers has announced new funding for projects that seek to strengthen the Nordic brand and values internationally. The council is looking for creative projects that can increase the Nordic co-operation with the world.

There are two types of projects that can apply for funding:

Supportive co-operation: projects that help to set new standards and to brand the Nordic Region and our shared values. The maximum grant amount is DKK 250,000 (USD 41 000).

Creative talents: projects that change the perception of how the Nordic Region should be branded. A high level of creativity, with an emphasis on new actors and ideas. The maximum grant amount is DKK 50,000 (USD 8250).

Mandatory application criteria:

• Emphasis on Nordic values and strategic focus areas

• A strong Nordic story

• Cross-sectoral co-operation/topics

• Level of co-funding (not applicable to creative talents)

• Documented partners (not applicable to creative talents)

• At least three partners, at least two of which are from different Nordic countries (not applicable to creative talents)

The Nordic Council is the official body for co-operation between the different Nordic countries. The call for proposal budget is DKK 2.5 million (USD 412 000). If this sounds interesting, read more on the Nordic Council’s website.

The deadline for applications is 30th April 2018.