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Shape it up! Fitness classes in Diplomatic wrapping

Working long hours in front of the computer makes it hard to stay in shape, but for the employees at the Norwegian Embassy, this is no issue: Personal trainer Ajay is working hard to keep us fit!

Heavy beats, laughter and strict commands are heard from one of the Embassy’s meeting rooms. The room, which in daytime is used for meetings and seminars, is now filled with sweaty employees caught between euphoria and despair. It is Wednesday, and time for the Embassy’s weekly fitness class!

This week, coach Ajay had decided to really make us sweat. The fitness class was characterized by endless rounds of bench and strength training exercises, which had several of the participants at the brink of collapse. But just before our bodies said “stop!”, we were allowed to rest. This is what makes the fitness classes so efficient: Ajay pushes the participants to the very end, but with his jokes and encouragement, we all endure.


The bench was a challenge for many – but we made it through.

Staying in shape is a familiar concept at the Embassy. The gym in the basement has a variety of top quality fitness equipment, and is very popular among the Embassy employees. For those who prefer to work out in a larger group, the Wednesday fitness class is perfect to meet colleagues outside office hours. Here, people can unleash the stress of a long working day and strengthen the work environment at the same time. In fact, the fitness classes on Wednesdays are usually kept in the Embassy’s gym room, but it has proved so popular that the classes are regularly held in the larger meeting room instead!

We hope that the healthy spirit of the Embassy lives on!