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Scandinavia is the 6th largest market for recorded music in the world

An analysis conducted by Music Norway, based on the newly released Global Music Report, highlights Scandinavia’s impact in the global music market. Although three relatively small countries in size and population, Scandinavia, comprised of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, is one of the biggest markets in the world for recorded music.

Combined, the countries saw revenues increase 8.4%, equivalent of 416.2 million USD, from 2015 to the current period. Together the three countries have a population of 20.8 million, making it stand out as a huge market for recorded music, looking at per capita use. Norwegians spent an average 21.68 USD on recorded music per person, more than any other country in the world. Sweden and Denmark are close behind with 19.47 USD and 19.59 USD.

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