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Ripple to tidal wave

Norway is currently a world-leading example for green transport solutions. Will India look in the same direction?

While population growth and climate change are threatening our global environment, Norwegians seems to be making greener choices. Today, every third new car that is sold in Norway is electric. It also has the world’s first electric ferry.

In an article published in the Times of India today, Ambassador Kamsvåg highlights the green transport revolution that is going on in Norway. Kamsvåg argues that Norway’s stable transport policies have contributed to make the country greener. It has clear goals of selling only zero-emission vehicles by 2025. There has been heavy investment in the electric vehicle infrastructure and tax exemptions on these cars. Norway is also promoting higher environmental standards in shipping.

India has a huge population with increasing consumption patterns. With India’s many rivers and canals, it could set a similar goal as Norway to make its shipping greener. India's expenditures on oil import could be invested in environmental-friendly technology. Will Indian cars in the future be electric?

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