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Researching our health work with an academic lens

Travelling from several corners of the world, 20 researchers from the fields of paediatrics, obstetrics, public health, demography and statistics met at the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi recently for a writing workshop. For three days, the results of the Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI) programmes, aimed at improving new-born and maternal health, filled the agenda.

NIPI is a cooperation between the governments of India and Norway that has been going on successfully for 11 years. It is centred on the areas of reproductive, maternal, new-born and child health and was started as an effort towards achieving the Millennium Development Goal four, to reduce child mortality.

NIPI academic writing project has been created with the intention is to share best practices from NIPI and provide new knowledge for Indian and global audience through publication in peer-reviewed international journals. This will facilitate evidence-based policy making with the end goal of reducing maternal, newborn and child mortality.

The multidisciplinary team of researchers represents Indian, Norwegian and international institutuions and organizations.

This is the second time that the writing team comes together. The first writing workshop took place in Delhi in April 2017, and was followed by a filed visit by the researchers to the district of Raisen in Madhya Pradesh, where the scientists could observe several of the NIPI innovations in the field of newborn health. Until they come together again in a few months, researchers are now working together in writing teams, further developing the articles aimed for publication in high impact journals. The writing team currently have nine articles in the pipeline and aim to have several of them published in high impact medical journals, to spread the best practices from NIPI.