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Record-low energy consumption at the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi

The development and construction of the new Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi had major environmental ambitions right from the start of the project. One of the goals was to keep power consumptions below 140 kWh/m2 per year.

“Measurements after one year of use show an energy consumption of 52kWh/m2 per year. We are very pleased with that,” says project manager Rigmor Leirvik, Statsbygg. 

In order to reduce energy consumption, the design of the building has been planned in terms of material use and layout. Adding sufficient daylight to work zones and designing facades that prevent direct radiation have been emphasized. This has reduced the need for artificial lightning and the need for cooling.  

Other constructional measures include ventilated facades, heat-regulating massive constructions, extra room-height, insulation in walls and ceilings and double roof constructions with white reflective surface that reduces solar heating of the building. Solar cells cover the electricity needed for indoor and outdoor lightning, as well as computers. In addition to this, all lightning is LED, which is very energy efficient and provide the same amount of light to a fraction of the energy consumed. 

We are very proud inhabitants of a greener Embassy that offers sustainable solutions for water usage, electricity, cooling and heating. The ambition we have had with our Embassy building matches Norway’s overall aims in the field of energy and environment, and we continue making our efforts towards a better today and a sustainable tomorrow!

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