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Putting Norwegian Literature on the global map

Soon, the streets of Lillehammer will be filled with people and literature from all over the world: It’s time for this year’s Norwegian Literature Festival!

Norway’s most important literary event takes place in Lillehammer between 29th May – 3rd June, and is the largest literature festival in the Nordic region. The festival has been voted one of the twenty best literary festivals in the world, and has more than 25 000 visitors annually.

Last year, the festival had a focus on Indian literature, freedom of expression and nationalism. Many Indian guests were invited to discuss the various topics, in addition to having film screenings and concerts by Indian artists.

The Literature Festival in Lillehammer is only one out of several important literary events the next years that will put Norway on the global map. In 2019, Norway will be the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is considered to be the most important book fair in the world for international deals and trading. The year after, in May 2020, Lillehammer will host the IPA International Publishers Congress, which will coincide with the annual Literature Festival.

With these upcoming events, it seems like the interest of Norwegian literature is only going to grow.

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