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Oslo-turban meets Delhi

In April, the Norwegian Turban Day was held in Oslo for the eight time. A designer competition was held and the citizens of Oslo had the opportunity to vote for what would become the capitol’s first official turban. The Oslo-turban has now arrived to India, as a gift to Ambassador Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg and his wife Josephine Kamsvåg.

According to the people behind the Norwegian Turban Day, the objective of these kind of events is to make Norway the world’s best country to be different in – by reducing people’s fear of the unknown. Establishing a signature turban for Oslo is about telling Norway and the world that this is Oslo and Norway today: the turban has become a part of the society and it is welcome here.

The Oslo-turban is designed by Holzweiler and is inspired by the paisley pattern and the colors of the bunad, Norway’s national costume. Looking closely at the pattern, you will notice small details and pictures, kind of like Oslo.

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