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Oslo - the greenest capital in the world

Norway’s longstanding efforts in developing sustainable solutions for the environment have finally been rewarded: Oslo will be the European Green Capital of 2019!

Every year, the European Green Capital Award is given to a city in Europe that has worked on sustainable solutions to improve the environment. Oslo, which will be next year’s European Green Capital, has proved to work harder than many other European cities in making green solutions in an urban landscape.

Thirteen other European cities were competing with Oslo in becoming next year’s green capital. Efficient city planning including environmental solutions features high among the reasons why Oslo won the title.

“The award is an acknowledgement of what Oslo has achieved as a city. The candidates were appraised in areas such as climate politics, the quality of air and water, green innovation, collective transport, biological diversity and outdoor life. Oslo was ranked highest in eight out of twelve categories”, says Marianne Alfsen, head of communication for Oslo European Green Capital 2019.

Having been awarded the European Green Capital, sustainable city planning is expected to be in even greater focus in the future. Oslo has already many green solutions in place – it is for instance the world’s most electrically powered capital. Next year, 70 electric buses will be servicing Oslo’s commuters. The capital is planning to cut emissions by 50 % within 2020, and become carbon neutral by 2050. In addition to this, the city is already surrounded by large forest areas, making Oslo the most ecologically diverse place in Norway.

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