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Olefonken goes to Bollywood

Six years ago, the Norwegian music producer Ole Petter Hergum, better known as Olefonken, made a remix of a classic Hindi disco song by Bappi Lahiri. Now their music collaboration has become the theme song for the new film "Daddy" by director Ashim Ahluwalia.

How did a Norwegian artist end up remixing a Hindi song? How did this collaboration come about?

Actually, it started the second time I traveled to India and I found myself running away from the rain showers and stumbled upon a very small store that stocked some vinyl in Bangalore. I have been collecting records from a very young age so this temporary shelter suited me just fine. I came across a cover depicting two people soaring through the skies, with the name Bappi Lahiri inscribed in the corner of the sleeve. As I was already a fan of Bappi, I knew I had found something great.  

When I returned back home, the song Zindagi Meri Dance Dance by Vijay Benedict and Alisha Chinoy blew my mind. I could not wait to play this at my regular residency at the club Jaeger in Oslo. However, the sound was too old and sparse for today's sound system, so it had the effect of chasing people off the dancefloor rather than make them, well – dance dance. The next day I recorded the track on my computer and added some more bass, drums and percussion, and rearranged it a bit to fit today's standard better, but I still wanted it to be as true to the original as it could be. The next weekend people loved what they were hearing, all dance danceing like crazy! 

Several DJ's have asked me for it in the years since. Recently, out of the blue, I got an e-mail from the people working on the new film Daddy asking me if they could use the track. It was a no-brainer to say yes to that.

What possibilities do you see for the future for Norway-India music collaborations, do you have any more projects planned?

Both Norway and India has always seemed to be pretty big with disco, so in my mind it has always seemed like a perfect match. I do not have any Norway-India projects planned now, but I will hopefully make a new visit to India in the near future at least. 

What other projects in general are you working on currently? Anything you would like to share with our readers?

At the moment I am working on finishing an album with my band hubbabubbaklubb. We just finished a video for the track Tomme lommer which you should check out on Youtube, and a new single is just around the corner. 

Do you have any favorite Hindi/Indian song? Any Indian musician that inspires you?

Yes, usually the older stuff. I have several favorites and as mentioned my favorite composer is Bappi Lahiri, but also R.D Burman is big in my book.

A top three must be something like:
1. Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki - Come Closer Aa Paas Aa - Salma Agha
2. Asha Bhosle - Udi Baba
3. Dil Lena Khel Hai Dildar Ka - R. D. Burman 

Currently the Daddy movie trailer has got over 9 million views on Youtube, and the music video 4.7 million views. The movie premiers in India September 8. Watch the music video and trailer here:



Visit Olefonken's facebook page here.