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Norwegian seafood – a healthy AAHAR

Norwegian seafood has been a big hit at this week’s prestigious AAHAR International Food and Hospitality Fair. With India as the sixth largest food market in the world, what could this mean for the future of Norwegian food in India?

The AAHAR International Food and Hospitality Fair is one of Asia’s best-known brands in food and hospitality shows. This year, Norway has participated with a country pavilion along with the Norwegian Seafood Council & Innovation Norway. Amazing recipes of salmon and coldwater prawns were prepared and served by Chef Saby, making the Norwegian pavilion a big hit among the visitors. Delicious, Norwegian food was also later served by Chef Saby and his team at the residence of Ambassador Kamsvåg.

The Indian food sector is growing fast, and is expected to reach USD 482 billion within 2020. The Indian food processing industry accounts for 32 % of the country’s total food market, and 14 % of the manufacturing GDP. With India’s increasing numbers of foreign visitors and the growing middle class, there is a greater demand of foreign cuisine and foods. The tourist business is also demanding more star hotel properties with high-grade services and facilities, which makes the country interesting for foreign investment in the hospitality sector.

Considering these numbers, the AAHAR fair in Delhi is more relevant than ever. An increased inflow of foreign tourists and business visitors, as well as exposure of the Indian middle class to foreign lands, are among the major reasons leading to growing demands for foreign cuisine and ingredients in India. With the government keen on promoting value addition in the food sector, Indian companies too have taken the initiative in a big way, resulting in a growing domestic demand for processed food.


The Norwegian pavilion attracted many people during the fair.

The AAHAR fair is held from 13th to 17th March in New Delhi, and is organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization. The fair was inaugurated by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Suresh Prabhu. The Norwegian Seafood Council, Coast Seafood & Coldwater Prawns of Norway were all represented at the Norwegian Pavilion. During the week, more than 900 exhibitors from India and abroad have presented a range of food products, machinery and equipment from the food and hospitality sector.

The Norwegian Seafood Council aims to increase the value of Norwegian seafood resources in cooperation with Norwegian exporters.