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Norwegian salmon well received in Goa

Norway exported seafood for over 90 million kroner (USD 11 million) worldwide in 2016. Only in July this year, Norway sent 138 000 tons of seafood out of the country. India is one of the biggest consumers of seafood in the world and Norway is taking on the challenge of introducing Norwegian salmon to this huge market.

In addition to being the largest, India is also the world’s fastest growing market for processed fish and seafood, and has increased by 25 per cent a year between 2011 and 2015. Analyses made by the Norwegian Seafood Council shows that there are between 20 and 30 million potential customers for Norwegian Seafood in India. The challenge is to build knowledge of Norwegian Seafood among this group and to make them start eating it at home. 

“We experience a great interest in Norwegian seafood in India, and especially in Goa. We already see that more hotels and restaurants are trying to put Norwegian seafood on the menu”, says Yogi Shergill, Director of Norwegian Seafood Council - India. 

The Seafood Council followed up on the enthusiasm for Norwegian seafood in India with participation at the India Hospitality F&B Pro Expo in Goa earlier this month in order to promote Norwegian salmon amongst the hotel, restaurant and catering (HoReCa) industry.

An array of events were planned at the exposition to promote salmon from Norway to different HoReCa representatives along with individual customers in mind. Smoked salmon was served at the stall every day and the visitors lapped it up.

A master chef competition to dish out the most creative and scrumptious salmon dish was held between 10 five star hotels and two restaurants. Another star attraction for salmon promotion were the dishes made by India`s award winning Chef Saby who demonstrated some handy salmon preparation tips and tabled the authentic Malai Coconut Salmon Curry from Bengal for the on-lookers to taste.

The food fair also attracted two exporters of Norwegian seafood to explore India as a prospective market and find buyers. Mr. Hermann Kopp from Coast Seafood and Mr. Kolbjørn Pettersen from Coldwater Prawns were present to learn and experience how business is done in India.

Gold winners of the Norwegian salmon cooking challenge: Chef Kamlesh Kumar and Chef Farid Khan from The Leela, Goa.

Kolbjørn Pettersen from Coldwater Prawns, Hermann Kopp from Coast Seafood and Yogi Shergill, Director of Norwegian Seafood Council - India.