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Norway’s largest University launches India alumni board

Two weeks ago, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) arrived in India to formally establish a collaboration with selected Indian partners.

One important aspect of the collaboration between the Norwegian University and India, is the establishment of the NTNU alumni India board. In cooperation with NTNU, its alumni located in India will work in partnership with the University to link NTNU with business and society in India to inspire cooperation and work together to achieve NTNU’s vision: “Knowledge for a better world”. The contact and cooperation with its Indian alumni will help strengthen these important links for the future.



Panel discussion

NTNU has more than 700 hundred alumni in India and Bhutan, and these are important ambassadors for NTNU, the city of Trondheim and Norway. NTNU Alumni India and Bhutan was launched with a mandate to link NTNU with business and society in India in order to enhance cooperation and contribute to NTNU’s vision. The first board meeting was held and expectations are high for what is to come in the future. Read more here.

With the initial formalities out of the way, NTNU and its Indian partners can start planning the road ahead. This cooperation will not only be important in the development of marine and renewable technologies, but it will also create great opportunities for students from both countries to reap the benefits from studying at world class educational institutions. Students from both Norway and India will be able to better experience our different cultures which will contribute to building bridges between our two countries.


Ambassador Kamsvåg speaking about the importance of building bridges

To read more about the cooperation between NTNU and its Indian partner universities, read the article we published a week ago.