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Norway to supply highly detailed satellite images of world's rainforests

Norway intends to spend up to USD 50 million USD to purchase high-resolution images of tropical forests. The images will be made freely available for governments, researchers and NGOs all over the world. They will enable the monitoring of deforestation, even on smaller areas. -Insights into changes in the rainforests is crucial for reducing tropical deforestation, says Minister of Climate and Environment Ola Elvestuen.

For over a decade, Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative – NICFI - has supported developing countries' efforts to reduce deforestation. Tropical deforestation leads to large emissions of greenhouse gases and is a grave threat to the global diversity of plants and animals. Estimates show that preserving forests and improving land management can contribute to one third of all the emission reductions before 2030 that the world needs to be on track to reach the goals set in the Paris Agreement.

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