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Norway goes to the “Heart of India”

Ambassador Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg visited Bhopal this week with the aim of deepening the relationship between Norway and Madhya Pradesh.

In order to gain an enhanced understanding of the political and economic realities across India as well as exploring opportunities for strengthening bilateral ties, we make regular visits to the various States of India.

This month, the Ambassador visited Madhya Pradesh, fondly famous as the ‘heart of India’. He met with a number of key politicians, government representatives, NGOs, business leaders and colleagues from the media.

Ambassador Kamsvåg also visited projects implemented under the Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI). This collaborative effort between the governments of Norway and India was launched in 2006 and aims to reduce newborn, child and maternal deaths in India.

We were impressed by the dedication and commitment of the health authorities and NIPI partners. Ambassador Kamsvåg commended the Madhya Pradesh government for its strong leadership in scaling up innovations introduced to date. He also emphasised that even though Madhya Pradesh has witnessed a significant decline in maternal and child mortality in the last 15 years, a considerable amount of work remains to be done for India to reach its ambitious targets in this field.

We also made a visit to a UN Women project funded by Norway. Representatives from the local authorities gave a briefing on the State’s initiatives relating to women’s rights and the results of the support provided by UN Women. The Ambassador noted with interest the breadth of Madhya Pradesh’s approach in combatting violence against women and child marriage, as well as some of the specific innovative steps that have been taken.