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Norway – a skier’s paradise

As the Winter Olympic Games are underway in South Korea, winter sports are on the agenda. So, what about going skiing in Norway?

Snow is covering most of Norway’s nature for the next few months. The open landscape, clear sky and fresh air make skiing in the Norwegian mountains a paradise. As many people know, Norwegians are among the best winter sports athletes in the world. There is no doubt that these athletes have worked hard to reach this goal, but that aside: Norway offers some of the best places in the world to do winter sports. Not only are the snow conditions impeccable, but there are also many opportunities to do winter sports tailor-made for your own needs.

Although you can indulge in winter activities all over the country, several of the best ski destinations are only a couple of hours away from Oslo. Here are three of the top places to go skiing this winter:

Trysil is Norway’s biggest ski resort. It is situated close to the Swedish border, about two and a half hours of driving from Oslo. Trysil is therefore a popular choice for tourists to go exploring winter sports. The area is family-friendly, offering various of activities outside of the ski slopes, such as dog sledding and ice fishing.

Hemsedal is by many considered to be the best place to ski in Norway. Placed in between Bergen and Oslo, Hemsedal is surrounded by alpine mountains, and the varied terrain suits the whole family. The ski center has wide and long pists, several terrain parks and designated areas for children.

Hafjell is another big ski center that offers winter sports of all kinds. Located outside the town of Lillehammer, which hosted the Olympic Games in 1994, Hafjell has been a hotspot for winter sports for decades. It is also the first ski resort in the Nordic countries to offer SkiMovie – a separate slope that is equipped with automatic timing and filming equipment!

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