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Nordic solutions to global challenges

Today is the World Environment Day. First held in 1974, this is United Nation's most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Last week the Nordic Council of Ministers, consisting of the five Nordic Prime Ministers, met in Norway to map out a closer cooperation between the Nordic countries in reaching a sustainable future.

Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges is a joint initiative by the Prime Ministers of the Nordic countries. They want to invite the world to share Nordic knowledge and experiences of six priority flagship projects. These Nordic solutions will be effective tools in the common work to reach the United Nations Sustainability Goals before the year 2030.

Flagship projects:

  • Nordic Welfare Solutions
  • Nordic Gender Effect at Work
  • Nordic Food Policy Lab
  • Nordic Energy Solutions
  • Nordic Energy Climate Solutions
  • Nordic Sustainable Cities

Watch the video of the Nordic Prime Ministers presenting their Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges here.

To read more about the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges, visit: