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Nordic Noir to India

One of the many quirks Norwegians have is that they love crime novels. Stories about mysterious detectives solving the most complex cases imaginable are almost a mandatory read during the holidays. One of the stars in the Nordic Noir genre is Kjell Ola Dahl who recently visited India. He explains that the difference between Nordic Noir and the more conventional detective stories is that in Nordic Noir, “the protagonist is an ordinary person, just like you and I. He has problems, obsessions and we know by modern psychology, there is no perfect person and nor is he.”

In an interview with Times Now, Dahl hinted that India might be a part of his future literary projects. “I was in Varanasi and I was very inspired by the holy city, holy river and all the ceremonies. I just loved it.  The images would stay with me forever. In contrast, Delhi is so well organized with parks and the presidential palace. I have to go back and contemplate on all these impressions and I am sure something will come out of it”.


Read the full interview with Kjell Ola Dahl over at The Times Now: