Nordic-India ties – what’s cooking?


How can the Nordic countries collaborate with India? In which fields does the five countries have something to offer – of interest for India? The Ananta Aspen Centre had kindly invited the five ambassadors to give their inputs, and more than 200 people had chosen to take part – many of them business holders with an interest in the Nordic activity.

Norway’s Chargé d’Affairs, Hanne Meldgaard, pinpointed Clean and Healthy oceans as the hottest upcoming area for collaboration; such as research, policy, rules and regulation, technology, waste management, stock preservation and many other areas for business opportunity. - Unfortunately, the ocean is “cooking”, and not in a good way. The situation is rapidly deteriorating. Sustainability is the keyword if the oceans shall feed us in the future. And that is a huge task for all governments to secure, she stated. As a country with more ocean than land, Norway has long experience and knowhow of many of these areas, she said.   

The ambassadors and head of missions from the Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic and Danish embassies also gave their views on the Nordic-Indian connections and possibilities – looking with optimism at the future.

There are currently more than hundred Norwegian companies operating in India, many of them in the maritime and marine sector. They employ approximately 15000 employees – and the numbers are increasing.

In April, the first India-Nordic Summit was held in Stockholm, where Prime Minister Modi met with all the Nordic leaders for discussion of future collaboration between the two regions.