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Nordic crime strikes again

The dark, morally complex TV genre of Nordic Noir has reached beyond the Nordic region and become a huge hit worldwide. Now, the Norwegian crime series Borderliner tries to conquer the world's crime lovers.

For several years now, Nordic crime series have become huge successes abroad. The genre, often characterized by open, windy landscapes, moral anguish and loner characters with tormented minds, have appealed to countries far away from the Nordic region. Scandinavian novels by authors like Jo Nesbø and Henning Mankell have been adapted to TV and film, while series such as the Danish-Swedish production Broen (The Bridge) and the Danish Forbrydelsen (The Killing) have been remade in the USA.

The newest series in the Nordic Noir genre, Borderliner, takes place in a Norwegian small town, close to the Swedish border. The main character, Nikolai Andreassen, is a cop that investigates a case which at first looks like a suicide, but soon is discovered to be a homicide. Loyal to the genre, the story delivers crooked cops, dark secrets and realistic characters in a landscape well-known for Nordic Noir-fans.

The cast of Borderliner is well-known for a Norwegian audience. The main actor, Tobias Santelman, has played in huge Norwegian successes such as Kon-Tiki, along with international films and series like Hercules and Homeland. Other renowned Norwegian actors, such as Ellen Dorrit Petersen and Benjamin Helstad, are playing important roles in the series.

Although Sweden and Denmark previously have dominated the Nordic Noir genre, Norwegian series such as Nobel and Occupied have been warmly welcomed around the world. Borderliner might become the newest Nordic Noir success.

Netflix is a co-producer of the series, and all of the eight episodes are available through their streaming service.