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In the groove - celebrating International Dance Day

International Dance Day was introduced in 1982 by the International Dance Council and is celebrated on April 29 in more than 60 countries. The aim of the day is to highlight the value of all types of dance and the importance that dance can have for a community and for the individual. The day is marked on the birthday of the French dancer Jean Georges Noverre (1727 – 1810), which is considered the founder of the modern ballet.

In Norway, the International Dance Day has been celebrated since 1999, and numerous events take place in Oslo, as well as other cities.

The Norwegian Embassy in India supports two projects in the field of dance. The first one is Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts based in Bangalore. The second project supported by the Embassy is the Gati Dance Forum. Based in New Delhi, The Gati Dance Forum is a pioneering arts initiative that works in the field of contemporary dance. Founded in 2007, in response to the glaring absence of opportunities and infrastructure for independent dance in India, Gati has consistently searched for avenues to create a sustainable environment for the development of contemporary dance practice in the country. Through such efforts, the embassy hopes to work towards a sustainable model for dance instutions in the years to come. in 1992, Attakkalari is a registered, public charitable trust formed by artistes from different disciplines to help create contexts for contemporary movement arts.

The program for this year’s dance day activities is listed here, so if you happen to be in Oslo, then do attend: