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New Born Innovations

This month, the National Health Mission of India organized a summit on good practices and innovations in public health care systems. Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI) received positive reviews on their New Born and Jhpiego projects.

The objective of the summit was to share and learn from the good practices and innovations adopted by the different Indian states in addressing various health challenges and in implementing and managing the public health programs under the National Health Mission.

Health Secretary Mr. C. K. Mishra acknowledged the role of development partners, especially NIPI, for creating an “environment of innovations” in the country. He also highlighted that the some of the innovations may succeed and that any failures should be a part of the success and learnings.

Following NIPI innovations got a special mention by the Government of India at the summit:

  • The state of Rajasthan showcased Regional New Born Resource Centres as a realistic model for scale up of quality newborn care which can be replicated in other states.
  • Odisha state showcased the Home Based Newborn Care Plus Model for reducing diarrhea and pneumonia.
  • Family Participatory Care guidelines for family involvement in newborn care were released for a countrywide roll out.
  • ‘Dakshata implementation package’, Government of India’s strategic initiative for Quality Improvement in Labor Rooms, was released for a countrywide scale up given its proven success rate in NIPI states.

In India, experiences from newborn care centers across four states (with technical support from NIPI New Born Project) showed that the interventions are feasible, well accepted and relevant. It has also shown that there are better breast feeding rates and no increase in infection rate prior to discharge.

This marks the culmination of the excellent work started in mid-2015 by the NIPI New Born Project team. Family Centered Care started as an innovation in the five demonstration centers in the NIPI supported states, and has now set the stage for countrywide roll out in all the 650 intensive care units.

An increasing number of sick and small babies are now being treated in the newborn care units. Improving the quality of newborn care to ensure better survival rates and quality of life is a continuing process and requires constant innovation and adopting new practices, which the program continues to do.

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