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More hope for Indian children

Last week, The Royal Norwegian Embassy renewed its existing cooperation with our Indian partner IPE Global Limited. Since December 2015, IPE has been the administrative host of the NIPI Newborn Project as well as the Coordination Unit of the Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI). The contract will ensure continued professional implementation of our important work on newborn and mother care in India.

- With the renewed contract, we are strengthening our cooperation with an excellent administrative host for NIPI Newborn Project, and ensures that the project will continue to be a textbook example of how development cooperation between India and Norway should be implemented, says counsellor Rannveig Rajendram.

NIPI was established in 2006, through a joint statement by the Prime Ministers of Norway and India. The vision of NIPI is to provide strategic, catalytic and innovative support to the implementation of India’s ambitious health program National Health Mission (NHM) with a focus on maternal and child health to reach Millennium Development Goal four and five.

The NIPI Newborn Project works on mother and childcare programs together with NHM. NIPI innovations have improved public service delivery structures in a number of ways. Among these are the upskilling and empowering of healthcare workers in India and educating mothers and families to be responsible guardians for themselves and newborns. In numbers, approximately 1 million home visits were provided to more than 300,000 infants under the Homes Based Newborn Care Plus Program, Family Centered Care has been provided to about 2000 women in rural India, and over 3000 newborns have been treated by Emergency Triage & Treatment.

The positive results of NIPI supporting the Millennium Development Goals of the National Health Mission has led the Indian health ministry to scale up programs and release operational guidelines. The NIPI model of working in selected India states to test new innovations has been widely acclaimed as a “best practice sustainable method” in the area of development cooperation.

The overall agreement with IPE Global Limited has a total value of NOK 63 million and continues until December 2017.

IPE Global Limited is a Delhi based consultancy firm with over 300 employees in India, and works on development and social projects across the world.


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