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Monoswezi back in India

The African-Scandinavian band Monoswezi will be touring India in November, visiting the country for the second time this year. They played at the Udaipur World Music Festival and at The Piano Man in New Delhi in February. During their last visit to India, the band filmed a music video in Udaipur with the director Amira Bhargava for their new album “A Je” that was released this July on Riverboat/World Music Network.

"A Je” got a lot of attention in Europe and has been described as "Cool sonic explorations” (The Guardian, UK) and “A fascinating Afro-Nordic oddity” (The Observer, UK). The album also made it to the top 10 on World Music Charts Europe this September.

Watch the video on Youtube here

Monoswezi is a collective of musicians originally from Mozambique, Norway, Sweden and Zimbabwe. With a common passion for traditional African music in general, and music from Zimbabwe and Mozambique in particular, Monoswezi seeks a musical expression, where respect for tradition is combined with different references and experiences from jazz and modern Western music. In addition to traditional music, Monoswezi performs music composed by the band members, with a strong improvisational approach.

The musicians of Monoswezi are Hope Masike (voice, mbira, and percussion), Calu Tsemane (voice, percussion), Hallvard Godal (saxophone, clarinet, and harmonium), Putte Johander (bass), and Erik Nylander (drums and percussion). They have the released 4 albums so far and are touring in Europe, Africa and Asia.