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Modi to meet one of the biggest investors in India; That's Norway!

The first India-Nordic Summit is approaching. Next week in Stockholm, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet the leaders of the Nordic countries to discuss the future collaboration between the countries.

On April 17, PM Modi will meet the leaders of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland to discuss regional and global issues on topics such as environment, trade and investment, as well as future cooperation between the countries.

In this regard, Ambassador Kamsvåg was interviewed by the Economic Times. In the interview that has appeared today, the Ambassador highlights that “the India-Nordic Summit symbolises shared democratic values between the two sides. This exercise will reflect upon the importance of rule of law in the international order besides attempting to harness the bilateral economic potential.” Ambassador Kamsvåg also emphasized that the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund is one of the biggest single investors in India, reflecting the economic potential that Norway sees in the country.

The Nordic countries have strengths in many fields of interest for India, such as environment, clean technologies and innovation. The Nordic region’s trade with India is also growing, with over 522 Nordic companies working in India today.

This will be the first India-Nordic Summit, and PM Modi will be the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Stockholm since 1988.

We welcome Prime Minister Modi and India to our region!

Read more about the summit and the Ambassador’s interview in the Economic Times.