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“Minute by Minute” – The wonders of slow TV

Feeling like life is too speedy at times? Do like the Norwegians: Watch slow TV!

Slow TV” is a Norwegian TV concept that shows ordinary events in real time. Does that sound boring? Well, slow TV has taken Norway by storm!

In 2009, the first slow TV show was broadcasted on Norwegian TV. The “Minutt for minutt” (“Minute by minute”) program filmed the Bergen Railway from its departure in Bergen to its arrival in Oslo. The show was ridiculed by many for being boring, but it fast turned out that Norwegians enjoyed it: The concept of slow-TV was born!

In the years that followed, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) has showed many “Minutt for minutt” programs. There has been slow TV of the Hurtigruten cruise ship’s travel from Bergen to Kirkenes, a seven-hour slow-cooking of Christmas pork ribs, and nine days filming of the Sami tradition of reindeer migration from winter to summer pasture. Among other “Minutt for Minutt” shows are 12-hours of knitting and 200 minutes summary of war history. These programs attracts many viewers: A total of 2.2 million Norwegians watched the sixty-hours performance of the Church of Norway’s national hymnal at some point during the program!

The success of slow TV surprised many. However, its popularity suggests that we sometimes need to slow down our stressful lives, and that we don’t need too much action have a nice time.

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