Meeting for the future

Photo: Twitter/@narendramodi

During their meeting in Stockholm on 17 April, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, agreed that the complementarity of India’s and Norway’s economies offered huge scope for greater cooperation.

Among areas mentioned were energy, green transport, environmental technologies, innovation, maritime and marine economies.  PM Modi underlined Indian openness to foreign investment and invited Norwegian companies to invest in India.

The two prime ministers also discussed joint action to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  PM Solberg underlined the importance of India succeeding if the world is to achieve the goals, while PM Modi stressed that Norwegian and Nordic technologies and experiences could play a positive role in helping India achieve the goals.  Also the importance of the world taking decisive action to stop the environmental degradation of the oceans and to develop sustainable use of the vast resources of the ocean was a key topic of discussion.

PM Modi encouraged the Norwegian State Pension Fund Global to consider investing in new sectors in India. The Pension Fund had invested USD 11.7 billion in India at the end of 2017, an increase of 2,5 billion from 2016.

The bilateral meeting was followed by an Indo-Nordic Summit where all the five Nordic prime ministers participated.