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Indian visitors to Norway at an all-time high!

Indian tourist numbers to Norway continue to grow steadily. India is the third largest provider of visitors to Norway, just behind China and Russia. This is a welcoming growth as we continue making efforts to promote Norway as an attractive destination for Indians.

With a 66.4% increase so far since 2016, Indian tourist numbers are consistently increasing in Norway.

In the first half of 2018 (Jan-June), more than 10,700 visas were issued to Indian citizens by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in India. This is a big increase from the same period in 2016, when 5900 visas were issued.

In comparison, the data from 11 years ago for the similar period shows only 3500 visas in 2007. The number grew to roughly 4000 by 2010 and 6000 by 2014, now reaching up to more than 10,700 from Jan-July 2018. We hope the figures to be higher by the end of this year.

These figures are also reflective of a global trend. A total of 93,337 visitor visas have been issued globally by Norway from Jan-July 2018, showing a clear upward growth in the numbers since 2007, when 109,700 visas were issued for the whole year.

Norway is pleased to welcome more and more Indian tourists to its shores.