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“Hytte” culture with less sweat, but the same, stunning view

Many Norwegians love to hike for several days in the mountains, and sleep in humble, wooden cabins – called “hytte” in Norwegian. Now there is an option for those of us who are not that sporty – or who simply don’t have time for long hikes!

The “hytte” culture stands strong in Norway, but many cabins in the mountain areas are off the beaten track and takes a whole weekend to access. For a person who is not used to the tough weather and challenging nature of the Norwegian mountains, or those with limited time in Norway, there is now an easier way of experiencing the Norwegian “hytte” culture. A new project of day-trip cabins will soon be available for everyone, and each of them will have their own, little library!

The cabins are situated in the western county of Sogn og Fjordane, a part of Norway with breathtaking fjords, massive glaciers and dramatic landscape. Five cabins are already built and ready to be used, while 21 more are on the way. Within the end of 2018, all of the 26 municipalities in the county will have their own cabin.

The idea of enabling one-day cabin trips is a part of trying to activate more people and to let them enjoy the Norwegian nature. “With this project we wanted to make an accessible cabin, encouraging physical activity for everybody”, physical activity councilor Atle Skrede tells Visit Norway. He emphasizes the cabins’ proximity to the “civilization”, with parking lots nearby that makes the hiking trips to the cabins short and accessible.

The cabins are designed by the Trondheim-based architect office ROJO, and all of them are identical. Each cabin has a terrace providing sun regardless of its position in the sky. With the interesting design of the cabins, they will be an attraction in themselves!

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