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High interest for Indo-Norwegian projects in ICT

The joint call for proposals in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) between the Research Council of Norway and the Department of Science and Technology, India, received 50 applications within the deadline earlier this month.

Applications were received from almost all major ICT- research institutions in Norway, the majority coming from NTNU (21 of 50).

Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) seems to be a central partner in many of the proposals.  The 23 IITs are India's foremost technical institutes and provides a strong basis for research cooperation. Research groups from other renowned universities and institutes can also be found amongst Indian partners.

The call has two main topics: Smart environments and ICT for society. The project proposals addresses smart environments within farming, energy-distribution, smart cities with surveillance of pollution and traffic, transport logistics and more. The proposals within ICT for society are addressing challenges within education, security and safety, eGovernance and eHealth, among other.

The ICT research challenges are within artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing and computer vision, internet of things, networks, smart grid, usability, human – computer interfaces (HCI), reliability, security and safety, and more. 

The proposals will be evaluated on the quality of the scientific work and people involved and fulfil the objective of the call: that the project shall promote collaboration and long-term partnerships that will strengthen the research groups in both countries and create new opportunities in the short and long term for the participants, potential industry and society at a large.  It is anticipated that the results of the call will be made public in December 2017. 

Story sourced from the Research Council of Norway.