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Happy Easter!

The Easter holiday usually marks the end of winter and beginning of spring, and many Norwegians take to the mountains to make the most of the end of the skiing season. Long cross-country skiing trips in the stunning white surroundings are not to be missed. Once you think you have skied far enough to earn it, you make a little camp, take out your chocolate and oranges, and enjoy the sun.

Another aspect of the Easter celebration that seems to be a Norwegian phenomena, is the obsession with crime during this weeklong holiday. Either as tv-series or in book format, Norwegians cannot get enough. Even the milk cartons have a crime novel printed on it during Easter every year, and the kids compete to solve the mystery.

Today is Good Friday, and according to Christian tradition, it marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is considered an important holy day in Norway, where it is called “Langfredag” meaning Long Friday. The term probably comes from the tradition that on this day you were supposed to do penance by working hard and mourn Jesus’ death, in order to make the day feel like a long day.

We wish you a peaceful and happy Easter with your friends and family.