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Going digital: The booming Norwegian news business

Globally, print media is declining. That doesn’t mean that the newspaper is dead: Norway is world-leading in digital subscriptions of online news.

An increasing number of newspaper have gone digital the last few decades. According to Digital News Report, almost nine out of ten Norwegians read digital news every week. Around 26 percent of these people pay for online news, putting Norway on the top of digital subscription for newspapers.

The number of newspapers with paywalls for online news continues to increase, and by the en 2016, more than 151 Norwegian newspapers offered digital subscriptions. Most of the online content are self-produced news.

Some of the reasons why Norwegians choose to pay for online news are the strong tradition of reading local news, as well as Norwegian’s high internet access. Also, Norway was early in making news digital – the first Norwegian newspaper went online in the late 1990’s.

From this trend, it looks like Norwegian newspapers will continue to grow in popularity. Norway also recently topped the global ranking on press freedom, making Norway the best country to work in for journalists and the media. All in all, this promises well for the Norwegian media’s future.