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Giant mirrors shine light on Norwegian town

From early October to mid-March, the little town of Rjukan would sit in permanent shadow due to its location far down in a valley surrounded by mountains. Now the inhabitants can finally enjoy sunlight during the winter months. How did they solve their problem with the sun?

In 2013, giant mirrors were installed to reflect and redirect sunlight down to the town's square. Three mirrors of 5 x 8 meters were placed 900 meters up the north side of the valley. The automated mirrors follow the sun’s passage over the horizon in order to reflect and redirect the maximum amount of sunlight. 

The idea to use sun mirrors dates all the way back to 1913. Sam Eyde, Norwegian engineer and industrialist, launched the unique concept of using mirror technology to light up the town in the local newspaper on October 30, 1913. On the same date, exactly 100 years after the idea was born, the sun finally shone at Rjukan square during the winter months. Since then, the mirrors have positively affected the inhabitants’ mood during the dark winter months, but also attracted tourists, curious to see the giant mirrors embedded on the Norwegian mountainside.

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Story sourced from Business Insider